The Reawakening: Part 14

A plateau. Routine. I got comfortable. And that’s why I have this headache. I guess I need to explain, don’t I? In March it’ll be a year since leaving a full-time job in television. It had benefits and all! 🙂 But since leaving the comfort of salary and steady work and predictable schedule, I’ve startedContinue reading “The Reawakening: Part 14”

About trying to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about applying to be a contestant on a game show. I have another post about considering an appearance on Wipeout, but I have yet to apply to compete on that show. So that would make this application video the first of it’s kind in my world. I wouldContinue reading “About trying to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune”

Personalities: The Database

Extremely helpful a few years ago during tapings of “Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire?,” The Database would top the phone-a-friend list. Anything from car maintenance, to Presidential history, to the latest celebrity divorce, this person is a Captain of IMDb on steriods. If they had a slogan, it would be this: “The Database: They KnowContinue reading “Personalities: The Database”