About trying to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about applying to be a contestant on a game show. I have another post about considering an appearance on Wipeout, but I have yet to apply to compete on that show. So that would make this application video the first of it’s kind in my world. I wouldContinue reading “About trying to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune”

Hummingbirds, Dancing, and Game Shows

This summer has blown by faster than a hummingbird’s eyelid. Actually, that kind of sounds like the name of a race horse… “…coming around the outside and moving into 1st place ahead of ‘My Other Mustang Is A Car,’ it’s ‘Hummingbird’s Eyelid.’ I tell you what, folks, ‘Hummingbird’s Eyelid’ is as fast as a TennesseeContinue reading “Hummingbirds, Dancing, and Game Shows”