Music your heart hears

I love music. Growing up, I’d listen to it as I fell asleep. Family road trips included a Sony Walkman, a portable cd player, a minidisc player, or whatever music player I had at the time. I’m obsessed with it because of how it makes me feel, or how the perfect song at the perfect time can change, well, change everything. It’s “Eye of the Tiger” in a Rocky movie. It’s the Chicago Bulls theme song. It’s Queen’s “Save Me” in an episode of New Girl. It’s “Voices That Care” during Desert Storm.

All that to say, I’ve heard a lot of music in my 36 years. Lots of good music. But not often does a song compel me to drop what I’m doing, to change my entire outlook, to cock my head to the side thinking, “Really?” With those kinds of songs, it’s more than my ears hearing it, my heart hears, too.

Today it happened again. I was cleaning the kitchen, or fixing lunch, looking at the ceiling? OK I don’t remember what I was doing but that’s sort of the point. The song swept me out of my little house and for a second there, I was at church. Take a listen but be warned, you may need to be baptized after!

-Out of the Wilderness

We Almost Dated: My History with Miranda Lambert

You caught my eye from across the room.
I’m almost sure you saw me, too.

Time was frozen as I gazed your way.
“Who’s that fine-looking man?” I’m almost sure I heard you say.

Apparently you started singing
But I’m almost sure I heard wedding bells ringing.

My heart increased in rate
Looking forward to our first date,
Which would happen
When people stopped clappin’.

You must’ve sang well.
I’m almost sure I had you under my spell.

I started to make my move, like a Speedo in a pool.
And I would’ve talked to you if it hadn’t been for Buddy Jewel!

You should have won Nashville Star, the others were overrated.
I’m almost sure we would’ve dated,
But we remained seperated.
Our dreamy future faded,
Like the jump shot Dwayne Wade did.

That was in game 4 against the Bulls.

Anyway, I don’t have a picture because I forgot my camera.
But that was the night I almost dated Miranda Lambert.