Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is a gift to comedians everywhere

It’s like the perfect storm of random elements coming together at just the right time for comedians. There’s an NFL football player named Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.  And of course, there’s Hillary Clinton who’s running for president. A lot of jokes come from the fact that Ha Ha’s last name is Clinton-Dix, and Hillary is wife to Bill, who hadContinue reading “Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is a gift to comedians everywhere”

Funny Signs, Suggestive Newspaper Articles and Grammar Mistakes in Everyday America

I’m so immature, but something about this is hilarious, right?  So “are” there any “exceptions” to this rule”?” On second thought, I don’t want the cider. But thanks. The same sign as the cider, but on this side you can get shirts and der. Welcome jacuzzis! Make yourselves at home. Banner ad for the showContinue reading “Funny Signs, Suggestive Newspaper Articles and Grammar Mistakes in Everyday America”

Popular YouTube Videos

I’ve been posting videos online for 4 years. To date, there are 153 videos under the Driftwood145 label. I’ve listed the 12 most-viewed videos below and descriptions of each. Which is your favorite? Boney M: Hooray! Hooray! views: 3,425,401 I discovered Boney M in 2006 when I was in Vietnam along with my sister and brother-in-law who were adopting aContinue reading “Popular YouTube Videos”