Deer of Payne’s Prairie Preserve State Park

The first stop on a trip around Florida (again! Here’s a recap of a different trip around the state) is Payne’s Prairie Preserve State Park just south of Gainesville. The park is known for its wild horses, bison, and alligators, some of which I saw with my own eyes (never saw bison, though). But thereContinue reading “Deer of Payne’s Prairie Preserve State Park”

When you want to camp, but can’t!

It’s February 26th and I’m going through withdrawals. Why am I going through withdrawals, you might ask? Because IT’S BEEN TWO WEEKS SINCE I’VE CAMPED! Two. Weeks. Is. Too. Long. The last excursion was Falling Waters State Park, which, if I’m being totally honest, was my least favorite state park so far. Here’s why. SoContinue reading “When you want to camp, but can’t!”