Nashville to Graceland, part 3

“So hush little baby Don’t you cry You know your daddy’s bound to die But all my trials Lord, will soon be over” (An American Trilogy – Elvis Presley) As part of your tour around the Graceland property, you’ll inevitably end up graveside just past the pool. There’s a well-manicured garden surrounding the final restingContinue reading “Nashville to Graceland, part 3”

My Dogs Drop Bombs and I Pick ‘Em Up

My dogs eat breakfast anywhere from 4am to 6am. After they eat, I let them outside for a few minutes to “take care of business,” and they usually rush out the door guns blazing. And by guns blazing I mean, honkin’ loud barks and howls as if an army of rabbits and squirrels just infiltratedContinue reading “My Dogs Drop Bombs and I Pick ‘Em Up”