Ashley Hebert Tattoo Pictures (The Bachelorette 2011)

Ashley Hebert has a tattoo on her right wrist. Check it out below. For show recaps, click here!!

Ashley and Lucas in Episode 3
Ashley and Blake in Episode 3
Ashley's "crazy beautiful" tattoo
Ashley Hebert tattoo image

Ashley and the Jabbawockeez, and her tattoo

One thought on “Ashley Hebert Tattoo Pictures (The Bachelorette 2011)

  1. I think Ashley solely sent Ben C home due to what one of the other guys said about him. I think that is so shallow and never even gave him much of a chance to share his thoughts on things. Is she even ready to find love? I know she thought what Brad off the bachelor was hurtful and here she does the same exact thing to Ben and possibly others.
    I think it is so unfair to do all these dates when she’s still hung up for this Bentley guy………time to grow up and decide what you want and not make these guys pay for your mistakes. So many wonderful men are going to be let down by Ashley, but on a positive note……….some other more deserving woman will be there to have them in their life. Your loss Ashley!!!!!

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