Pickleball – a new activity I hate to lose

Over a recent weekend with family a few of us took part in pickle ball games. If you’ve never played, it’s kind of in between tennis and ping pong, with a few rules unique to itself. Anyone who knows me knows I’m competitive in just about anything, so while pickle ball is really fun, ultimatelyContinue reading “Pickleball – a new activity I hate to lose”

That time I was accused of being 55 yrs old

When I was in my mid-30s I played soccer for an adult recreational team. Like a few other sports, I am a little better than average but what I lack in skill, I make up for by being a pest on defense. In one particular game, I was being aggressive on defense which turned outContinue reading “That time I was accused of being 55 yrs old”

The challenge of being too competitive

I was pitching for my softball team earlier this week and everything was fine until the 2nd of a double header. In the first game, the opposing team’s pitcher was a bit flustered that a few of our hits were right back up the middle. You see, in those scenarios, it’s proper etiquette to makeContinue reading “The challenge of being too competitive”