Why Baseball Caps After Any Championship?

I watched the Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup the other day. Congratulations to them, and what a fun series to watch as they and the Lightning sparred for 6 games. A game 7 would have been pretty amazing to watch, I’m sure. But now that all the interesting sports are over (and yes, I’mContinue reading “Why Baseball Caps After Any Championship?”

Things you learn on the disc golf course

I recently wrote about playing disc golf at Seven Oaks Park in Nashville. It was with Joe and Steve. Joe is from Nashville. Steve is from South Africa. He says things like Niss-in (instead of the car brand, Nissan), and moon bag… which here in America is called a fanny pack, and yes I was wearingContinue reading “Things you learn on the disc golf course”

Hitting the chains: Disc golf in Nashville

They said today was going to be the hottest day in Nashville this year, so we started out early to beat the heat, hitting the Seven Oaks disc golf for a friendly round. It was with my long-time friend Joe Hendricks and a new friend, Steve from South Africa. This was Steve’s first time playing disc golf, so JoeContinue reading “Hitting the chains: Disc golf in Nashville”

Four Days of Vacation: A Thanksgiving Story

I drove down to Florida Wednesday afternoon to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I’ve realized over the past few years that usually my “vacations” are always fun, but more exhausting than my “real life.” This trip was no exception. Here’s my family. At first I was worried about traffic because the day before Thanksgiving isContinue reading “Four Days of Vacation: A Thanksgiving Story”