KIA Commercial – Helping on a Rainy Day

KIA has embarked on a new ad campaign showing people doing good in the world. One of these ads seemed to backfire (according to reviews on YouTube, Twitter, etc) as it showed a guy driving rather swiftly around a beach collecting trash with a homemade rake attached to his KIA. Here’s my recap on thatContinue reading “KIA Commercial – Helping on a Rainy Day”

KIA’s All-New Sportage Beach Commercial – The Music, The Actor, and More

KIA is back now with another commercial showing cute little turtles. Take a look then scroll down for more about the ad… and for KIA’s latest ad recap of guy saving a city-dwelling tree, click here. The Music. This piano heavy track hasn’t been easy to identify. I’ve narrowed it down to two, though. DoContinue reading “KIA’s All-New Sportage Beach Commercial – The Music, The Actor, and More”

2020 Land Rover Discovery… what happened?

THAT’S a Discovery? Ewww! I recently was at a stoplight next to an SUV that looked new; I didn’t recognize it by the body style. The only thing that gave it away was the word “Discovery” spanning the width of the rear end. All I could think in that moment was, “What? This looks likeContinue reading “2020 Land Rover Discovery… what happened?”