Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Episode 6.

The Bachelorette meets Cheaters meets I Survived A Japanese Game Show. If you saw this episode, you’re painfully aware (the first thirty minutes were dedicated to this) that Justin “Rated-R” Rego is long gone. Turns out, dun dun dun! he has a girlfriend. For more digression into all of that, read other recaps, I wantContinue reading “Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Episode 6.”

A Few Things About Nashvillians

You volunteer to take your friend to the airport because you’re their friend and the gas around there is usually about 10 cents cheaper than anywhere else. You don’t know if Franklin is a suburb of Nashville, or it’s own city. While driving through the intersection of Edmonson Pike and Nolensville Road, you wonder which cornerContinue reading “A Few Things About Nashvillians”

Personalities: The Thinker

Who you go to when you need someone wiser than yourself. This person is often called “wise beyond their years,” which means, in most cases, they’ll act as if they were twice their real age. Along those same lines, the person you go to for wisdom may actually be twice your age. Your immediate circleContinue reading “Personalities: The Thinker”

Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Episode 5.

Tonight I’ve realized out of the ten bachelors interested in this show (the nine guys left on the show, and me), I’m the crazy one. Why? Because it’s Tuesday night and I’m overwhelmed with excitement to catch up with episode 5. You see, I was out of town Monday night shooting video on the Gulf CoastContinue reading “Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Episode 5.”

Sometimes I Wish I Had Gills

I was born in a hospital. But part of of me wishes I was hatched from an egg somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. Even with all the stuff that’s going on with the oil spill, the Gulf has some of the most beautiful water. It’s normal to have anger towards BP, and the moreContinue reading “Sometimes I Wish I Had Gills”