Apple Watch Series 7 Commercial – The Music and the connection to Elvis Presley

Apple promotes the toughness of their series 7 watch with clips of it taking a beating. If they really wanted to show it get raked over the coals, tell people the watch is pro-life and see how it holds up! OK, but seriously, the watch survives hit after hit in this ad. Take a lookContinue reading “Apple Watch Series 7 Commercial – The Music and the connection to Elvis Presley”

Prince, another boring performance

It’s late at night. There’s nothing to watch on TV. If you’re like me, this means you fire up YouTube and check out… well…. anything! I lean towards political videos lately (Slightly Offensive and Fog City Midge are entertaining!), but the other night I stumbled across Prince’s Super Bowl performance from 2007. From there IContinue reading “Prince, another boring performance”

Music that lasts forever and ever, amen

Quick note: All the links in this post are to other posts I’ve written, take a look! This past weekend I went to an Elvis festival in Nashville. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved his music. Being among all those Elvis fans reminded me of my nieces. The oldest is 16 andContinue reading “Music that lasts forever and ever, amen”