Music: How Do They Keep Us Coming Back For More?

Music has been around since the beginning of time. I can’t believe we haven’t exhausted all possible combinations of words, notes, and instruments. And you’d think after songs like come out, everyone would just stop trying. “Ok, ok, they can’t get any better than that,” is what people would say. They’d pack up their instruments,Continue reading “Music: How Do They Keep Us Coming Back For More?”

The BP Oil Spill

Photography: manNblack, Nashville, TN. Video / Editing: Driftwood Services, Nashville, TN. Lyrics to “Time For Me To Fly” by REO Speedwagon: I’ve been around for you I’ve been up and down for you But I just can’t get any relief. I’ve swallowed my pride for you I’ve lived and lied for you But you stillContinue reading “The BP Oil Spill”

Boney M in Viet Nam

In a taxi cab on the other side of the world, I heard Boney M for the first time. The song was “Rasputin,” the taxi was “green,” and my life was “changed forever.”