Bahaha and other things that mean funny

I don’t claim to know everything about social media, Internet or text lingo. In fact, I’m always pretty far behind the curve. Like, you’ve probably been saying bahaha for years. I get it. I typically go with a simple haha. I never lol. Doesn’t seem to fit my style. Now and then I’ll throw inContinue reading “Bahaha and other things that mean funny”

Personalities: Justin Texterlake

The cool guy that texts all the time. He’ll text you when he’s with other people, and text other people when he’s with you. “Justin Texterlake” is a flirt. Let’s just get that right out there in the open. If there’s a way to communicate with a girl, whether it be texting, Facebook chatting, orContinue reading “Personalities: Justin Texterlake”

Why Does X Go First?

Does anyone know why X always goes before O in Tic Tac Toe? Here are a few theories, in order of those with most public support… Conan O’Brien recently marked his next target, George Lopez, by putting an X on his back! because X is the Xavior of the alphabet. because O doesn’t mark theContinue reading “Why Does X Go First?”