Chuck Norris Deployed to Southeast as Storms Approach U.S.

PENSACOLA, FL — In an unprecedented move, FEMA has authorized the use of Chuck Norris in an effort to neutralize the double dose of tropical storms heading towards the United States. As noted in a statement from FEMA Administrator, Pete Gaynor, there hasn’t yet been an effective way to lessen the power of tropical storms…Continue reading “Chuck Norris Deployed to Southeast as Storms Approach U.S.”

Throwing Rocks at Chuck Norris

I was driving from Tennessee to north Florida by way of Interstate 65 with my oldest niece in the back seat. I was behind my brother-in-law and his van loaded with a few other nieces and my sister. It was an old-fashioned caravan, y’all! Like the good ol’ days when they used wagons and horsesContinue reading “Throwing Rocks at Chuck Norris”

Las Vegas, Jimmie Johnson, The Bachelor, Carrot Top, And More!

“The Bachelor Brad Womack: Women Tell All” episode has more drama than a Las Vegas casino. But a lot less alcohol. I was in Las Vegas recently and went to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. If you remember from the group date in episode 5, this race track is where Brad found out about Emily’sContinue reading “Las Vegas, Jimmie Johnson, The Bachelor, Carrot Top, And More!”

205 Days and Counting

No, the title of this post has nothing to do with car racing or lines that are funny if you add “in bed” at the end. Driftwood Detectatory, II has reached a milestone- over 20,000 post views! A huge thanks to you, the reader, for clicking on my posts, commenting on them, and passing themContinue reading “205 Days and Counting”

Finders Keepers: An Insider View

You might wonder, as I often do, how people are discovering Out of the Wilderness. Well, I’ve listed a few of the most popular search terms that dump people here: chuck norris xs the driftwood guy wise guy technological pro resourceful is my characteristic thrifty’s pizza wood stove For those of you using these to findContinue reading “Finders Keepers: An Insider View”