Music from Big Sky (Season 1 ep.10-11) on ABC Spring 2021

Say what you want about Big Sky, one thing is for sure… whoever is picking the music they license is 100% nailing it. Even going back to the early episodes of season 1 (click here for music from those episodes), they are doing a lot of work to find music that fits perfectly into theContinue reading “Music from Big Sky (Season 1 ep.10-11) on ABC Spring 2021”

A day that unravelled

If the above statement is true, then the opposite must be true, too. I can offer some evidence for that because yesterday I felt like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. But it started off so good! I woke up (that’s good). The weather was fantastic (also good!). I had some work scheduledContinue reading “A day that unravelled”

5 reasons drivers can’t just chhiiiilllllllllllll

If you live in a big city (think Atlanta, NYC, Los Angeles, etc), you probably already know exactly how this blog is gonna go. Traffic is the worst, right? Afternoon rush hour has turned into afternoon rush afternoon here in Nashville. Especially if you throw rain into the mix, or, ya know, just the threat ofContinue reading “5 reasons drivers can’t just chhiiiilllllllllllll”

Snow White and the Red Lines

Nashville boasts it’s first snow of winter today! Yes, it’s something special. A sight to behold. Unfortunately, if you’re in the car, you’ll have plenty of time to behold. Son: Look, mommy, it’s a Christmas map! Mommy: No son, that’s traffic. And even if Santa was real, he’d be stuck on I-24 till January! Son:Continue reading “Snow White and the Red Lines”