Pictures of things that have no idea there is a pandemic happening

I love that nature pretty much knows only one thing. Be. Just be. Eat. Grow. Go about their God-given business. These pictures are from the Mill Creek greenway in Nashville, Tennessee. Piper and Asia appear courtesy of their management, “Beagles’R’Us”. IMG_20200401_095103IMG_20200401_095305IMG_20200401_100020IMG_20200401_101032IMG_20200401_101426IMG_20200401_101655IMG_20200401_102239IMG_20200401_102248IMG_20200401_102321IMG_20200401_102326IMG_20200401_102327IMG_20200401_102720IMG_20200401_102739IMG_20200401_102959

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-Out of the Wilderness

My new lady friend!

What started out as a work trip to Memphis turned into the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I never expected that in all my years! In fact, it almost didn’t happen. As I closed the car door to begin my trip from Memphis back to Nashville, there she was. This perfect little lady…. bug.


Yes, that’s right, a lady bug. She (or he?) landed on the window’s edge outside the driver’s side door and there she stood. Taking on all the adversity that comes with hanging on for dear life to a car going 70+ mph!

Take a look at this beauty…

But a love like this was bound to fail. Neither of us were strong enough. And alas, when I got home… over 200 miles from when we first met… reality hit me like a freight train. This little lady bug was no longer alive. Still attached to the car door? Yes. But I guess the 3 hours of wind dried her out.

I peeled her from the door siding and she floated to the ground surrounded by my tears.

OK not really. I didn’t cry. I DIDN’T!!! May she rest in peace, this warrior willing to hold on to the something for so long it killed her.

-Out of the Wilderness

Man, You’re A Lady Bug

ladybugHave you ever wondered how male lady bugs feel? (and if you’re a guy who owns a Volkswagon Beetle manufactured between 1997 and 2011, this goes for you, too)

It seems inherently paradoxical to be a male lady bug. Or a male cat for that matter but don’t even get me started on cats. You know, I heard a speaker once ask, “Do all dogs really go to heaven? Well, the better question is do all cats go to hell?” I won’t digress anymore, and for the record I like cute little kittens.

Love bugs in Florida

So back to the lady bugs, or as entomologists would prefer, lady beetles. Lately my house has played host to dozens of these flying polka dot insects. I’d say they’ve been a nuisance but how can I? They are a sign of good luck in many cultures. Perhaps I’ve been needing some luck in my life. Could’ve used it a few months ago when my fantasy football draft went horribly wrong! Yes, I drafted Shonn Greene in the 2nd round and yes, I’m still feeling the repercussions. I’m not sure why the lady bugs have sought shelter at my house. I suppose it’s a seasonal thing but this winter is the first I’ve encountered so many.

When I lived in Florida, “love bugs” were the pest we all complained about twice a year. Then a few years ago here in Nashville, it was the cicadas. Maybe it’s a one-time thing, I guess time will tell. But for now, I’ll just be glad the lady beetles are in my house and not in my driveway.