Pictures of things that have no idea there is a pandemic happening

I love that nature pretty much knows only one thing. Be. Just be. Eat. Grow. Go about their God-given business. These pictures are from the Mill Creek greenway in Nashville, Tennessee. Piper and Asia appear courtesy of their management, “Beagles’R’Us”.  Thanks for stopping by! -Out of the Wilderness

My new lady friend!

What started out as a work trip to Memphis turned into the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I never expected that in all my years! In fact, it almost didn’t happen. As I closed the car door to begin my trip from Memphis back to Nashville, there she was. This perfect little lady…. bug. Yes,Continue reading “My new lady friend!”

Man, You’re A Lady Bug

Have you ever wondered how male lady bugs feel? (and if you’re a guy who owns a Volkswagon Beetle manufactured between 1997 and 2011, this goes for you, too) It seems inherently paradoxical to be a male lady bug. Or a male cat for that matter but don’t even get me started on cats. YouContinue reading “Man, You’re A Lady Bug”