Still in the dating world

Not too long ago, I had a date and while I fancy myself good company, I do always hope that the company I keep is good, as well. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that! Well, lately my few and far between dates seemed to have beenĀ cursed. You see, I have a personality traitContinue reading “Still in the dating world”

Being single at 38 years old

NOTE: This was originally written last spring but I recently decided to go ahead and share it. Life in and out of the dating world can be a roller coaster emotionally. Count the following as a moment of bare honesty on my roller coastery journey. I’m not exactly sure where this post will go, butContinue reading “Being single at 38 years old”

10 signs your date was a contestant on The Bachelor

10. She cries a lot. 9. You find out when you were in 6th grade, she was born. Yeah, you’re that much older than her. 8. She expects a rose at the end of every date. 7. She expects an engagement ring after a few weeks of dating. 6. Instead of dinner and a movie,Continue reading “10 signs your date was a contestant on The Bachelor”