Olive Garden Brought Me Here

Hip hop hooray!!! Finally was able to identify the song from the Olive Garden commercial. All the credit is due to a faithful reader, and a fellow Seminole. She said, and I quote, “It’s on one of my spotify playlists, so when I heard it, I knew it. thankyouthankyouverymuch.” My friend’s subtle tip of theContinue reading “Olive Garden Brought Me Here”

10 Days of Top 10 Posts: #7

The post coming in at #7 this week is a combo package… you’re welcome! And if you like watching The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, you’re especially welcome. Did you know that Americans are spending roughly $1.65 billion on tattoos each year? So it’s not surprising that contestants on the dating reality show have tattoos. TheContinue reading “10 Days of Top 10 Posts: #7”

Wacky Wednesday: Song on the New Olive Garden Commercial

It’s not wacky for Olive Garden to use good music in their new commercial. In fact, it’s smart. So I’ve uppercase Googled, I’ve lowercase googled, I’ve even asked Jeeves, but can’t find any information about what song it is or who sings it. If anyone out there has the answer, speak up! Otherwise, I’ll justContinue reading “Wacky Wednesday: Song on the New Olive Garden Commercial”

My Speech at the National Milk Association

“I woke up in the nick of time. Had I slept any later, I would’ve had to speak at the National Milk Association Convention. It’s an event I like to attend, but as a fan, not a speaker.” Waking up from a dream, the above quote is what I jotted down to remember all thatContinue reading “My Speech at the National Milk Association”