Top 10 famous women who I am almost sure do NOT have the coronavirus

Breaking news, I am almost 99% positive that the following women from movies and TV and popular culture do NOT have the coronavirus. These are my top 10 favorite famous women who do NOT have the virus. Keep carrying on, you fine ladies! 

Dolly Parton. 

Kate Beckinsale.  

Brandi Carlile. 

Nicole Kidman. 

Robin Roberts. 


Mary Steenburgen.

Candace Owens. 

Drew Barrymore.

Ellen DeGeneres. 

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-Out of the Wilderness

The day I almost fainted

Deep breaths.

Adjust your legs.

Sweaty forehead.


You might think I’m describing how it feels to be meet Kate Beckinsale, which might be true, because I was feeling faint yesterday. It wasn’t because of the famous actress, though. I was running a camera at church with a tight shot of the pastor while he preached. It’s something I’ve done dozens and dozens of times before. But this time I felt different about halfway through the sermon. I pulled the sleeves of my fleece to keep me cool. That helped some but whatever was happening kept getting stronger. A quick prayer.

Lord, please don’t let me fall. Please don’t let me fall.

I don’t like a lot of attention so can you imagine how frightening it would be to fall down in quiet room?

My body was starting to malfunction. Blurry vision. Sweat on my forehead, and my arms. It was not looking good. But thank God the pastor tossed to a video which meant I could be “off” for a second while it played on the screens.

The dizziness was in full affect as I cautiously bent down to find a seat on the edge of the platform. Phew! I made it. As I sat there the dizziness went away. I swiped my forehead to clear the dripping sweat. I removed my jacket to cool down. It was bad! I seriously think if I were standing for 5 more seconds I would have blacked out. I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t sick. I felt fine the day before and that morning, despite staying up too late.

After the video played I stood up again to control the camera. Those final minutes of the sermon went by without a hitch. I did notice the pastor had a shine on his forehead as well, so maybe the room was simply too warm? He and I were the only people standing for the entire sermon, so I wonder if he was feeling the same thing I was feeling?

Either way, I’m so glad I made it through without drawing an embarrassing amount of attention to myself by falling off the small camera platform.

Happy dizzy-free Monday!
-Out of the Wilderness

Movie Review: Life of Pi

life-of-pi-tigerI remember sitting in a theater when I caught the trailer for “Life of Pi.” I knew it was a movie I had to see so I recently ventured out to make a night of it (the night turned into an adventure, for that story, click here). After reading reviews, it seemed catching it in 3D was the way to go, so that’s what I did. I feel very fortunate in that choice, because the 3D was outstanding. It felt as if they actors were up on stage acting out each scene right in front of me. The scenes at sea reminded me very realistically of fishing trips with my dad. The deep blue water, the endless sky. It was all extremely remarkable. That said, watching it in 2D must suck. But I suppose if you don’t know any better, 2D is fine. Before reading on, you should know that I give high ratings to movies that touch on more than one emotion. I like to laugh, cry, get nervous, scared, angry, and/or inspired all within the 2 hours they have my attention. This particular movie had a few laughs, my favorite being the mention of Columbus and where he was sailing. But for a reason I can’t quite name, I never felt connected. Not to the main character, nor the supporting cast (one of which was a Bengal tiger). However, there were moments my heart beat faster, mostly because some of the scenes in the ocean were relatable.

Due to the intensity of some of the scenes, a lot of reviewers were upset this movie was advertised as child-friendly. I don’t have any problem with the film being called child-friendly and I’d take my young nieces to see this movie without hesitation (and I’m an animal lover). You can see much worse on network TV any day of the week.

And if you’ve done any research yourself, you’ve probably come across the mention of a mistake. It’s when the bengal tiger is given a goat to feast on in order to teach Pi a lesson in safety. Worst scene in the movie, not because of the nature of the killing, but because of the obvious botch. I don’t know why the director/producer would let such a glaring mistake pass.

So I liked it. Didn’t love it. Loved the 3D. Didn’t care for the ending. Would I see it again?

In 2D… no.
In 3D… yes.
On DVD… no.
On a date with Kate Beckinsale… yes.


How Famous People Sleep

I never thought much about the way I sleep until I read an article about different sleep positions. While I found the diagram quite hilarious, the research findings seem pretty accurate. I usually start out in the Fetus position, then before I fall asleep, shift to the Yearner. How about you?

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Fetus position – tough exterior but are still sensitive and may appear to be shy but warm up quickly.

Log position – social, easy-going person who is trusting, sometimes to the point of being gullible.

Yearner position – open-minded and still cynical, suspicious, and stubborn about sticking to decisions once they are made.

Soldier position – reserved, quiet, without fuss, and hold themselves and others to a high standard.

Freefall position – brash, outgoing, and very uncomfortable with criticism.

Starfish position – good listeners, helpful, and uncomfortable being the center of attention.

A lot of people will say they shift during the night, but studies have shown that most people stay relatively still throughout the night. Here’s my take on a few of the Lost characters:

Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly on Lost) – Fetus

Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox on Lost) – Yearner

John Locke (Terry O’Quinn on Lost) – Soldier

Sawyer (Josh Holloway on Lost) – Freefall

John Locke (as Smoke Monster on Lost) – Freefall

Other famous people:

Cindy Lauper – Starfish

Shia LaBeouf – Yearner

Conan O’Brien – Fetus

Keith Urban – Fetus

Mr. Darcy – starts in a Freefall, ends in a Soldier

Bingley – Starfish

Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale in “Serendipity”) – Fetus

Jonathan Trager (John Cusack in “Serendipity”) – Log

Summer (from 500 Days of Summer) – Freefall

Piper (my beagle) – Double Yearner

Billy Ray Cyrus – Log

David Hasselhoff – Fetus

Ellen Degeneres – Log

Boyz II Men – Fetus